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EVER Pharma Jena is a specialist in the production of sterile dosage forms. In addition to our own products we offer our long-term experience as a sterile manufacturer to national and international customers.

The production in our facilities takes place under GMP compliant clean room conditions. Using more than 50 active agents, more than 400 different medicinal products are manufactured here and delivered to more than 50 countries around the world.

We offer customers:

  • Full Service
  • Production of sterile dosage forms
  • Analytical testing of sterile dosage forms
  • Stability testing
  • Technical advice
  • Optimization of formulations and processes
  • Validation, analytical services, production of clinical test samples

We guarantee:

  • Product manufacturing and testing in accordance with international regulations
  • Quality and timely delivery

We support:

  • Your development
  • Your dosage evaluation