Environmental policies

Environmental protection and sustainability is an issue that is important to us. It is for this reason that EVER Pharma Jena GmbH has introduced an environmental management system certified to DIN EN ISO 14001. The executive board monitors the environmental management system at the Lobeda production site, together with the quality assurance and procurement departments that are directly associated with this.

Our aim is to achieve better environmental standards and we undertake to monitor and implement environmental protection within our company in a more sustained manner and to constantly improve our environmental management system in order to increase environmental performance. In order to achieve this, we are of the mindset that environmental protection is just as important as the company's economic, technical and social interests.

Recording environmental data (water consumption, waste and energy) serves as a basis for saving resources. We consider environmental aspects in the procurement of new machinery, systems and equipment.

To us, employees are an important part of the sustainable development of our company. It is important to us that all employees consider the environment in their everyday work and that, by doing so, they steadily develop their environmental awareness. Regular training sessions are a useful supportive measure here.

For us, complying with statutory specifications and official stipulations is a minimum requirement. In addition to this, we undertake to adhere to the requirements in terms of environmental issues from agreements with customers or other third parties.

We communicate the obligations cited throughout EVER Pharma GmbH. We communicate regarding our environmental management system externally using print media and the internet.

Regular reviews and audits ensure that we continuously implement, monitor and improve our requirements in terms of environmental protection. We constantly work on our management system in order to achieve this.

We regularly assess our environmental guidelines and adapt these where necessary.

Management and employees are committed to these environmental guidelines.

Please download the Certificate Management system per DIN EN ISO 14001:2009