Company´s History


Foundation of VEB JENAPHARM.
Jenapharm was founded 1950 with its main goal being to produce medical supplies for the former GDR (East Germany) and other parts of Eastern Europe.


Purchase by the Stuttgart pharmaceutical wholesaler, GEHE AG.
The takeover by GEHE AG in 1991 was followed by extensive investments such as the technological modernization of the Jena sterile production (1992) and the construction of a new production facility for solids in Weimar (1992 – 94).


Purchase by Schering AG.


Foundation of JENAHEXAL Pharma GmbH.
Acquisition of the sterile manufacturing facility (in Jena) from the former Schering GmbH &Co Produktions KG, Weimar. Corporate naming as a subsidiary of HEXAL AG under the new name JENAHEXAL Pharma GmbH.


Merger of Hexal and Sandoz and start of implants production.
JENAHEXAL becomes part of the Sandoz division within the Novartis Group. Since mid-2006 JENAHEXAL has also manufactured implants (innovative delivery system for hormone therapy). The filling of sterile syringes completes the product range.


GMP upgrade of the sterile production.
Comprehensive restructuring of the sterile area in compliance with the latest GMP standards.


Acquisition of JENAHEXAL by the Austrian pharmaceutical company EVER Pharma. Change of the company’s name to EVER Pharma Jena GmbH.


Completion and commissioning of the new production building (packaging and logistics) with high-bay warehouse in Jena/Lobeda.


Start of new production facility construction in Jena/Lobeda.