Energy policies

  • We shall undertake to reduce our energy consumption and performance in relation to energy usage in the long term and increase our energy efficiency as part of a continuous improvement process. Our EnMS, compliant with standard DIN EN ISO 50001, will help to achieve these goals.


  • We will ensure that the requirements contained therein will be implemented in compliance with this standard and that processes will be inspected and improved on a continual basis within the EnMS.


  • Our energy policy shall form the framework in which energy-related targets are set and evaluated, as well as the framework for the action plans resulting from these. In this context, our management shall ensure that the resources and information necessary to set up and maintain the EnMS are provided to an adequate extent.


  • We shall be strategic and practical in our planning, set ourselves targets and check whether these targets have been achieved. We will take action in the event of any deviations and pinpoint any room for improvement. Meeting current legal requirements with regard to environment and energy and ensuring that this is done via a continuous improvement process shall form an important part of our company culture and be our duty.


  • We shall, as part of the EnMS, undertake to set energy efficiency criteria for the procurement of energy services, systems, facilities, equipment and energy itself and inform our suppliers and partners of these.


  • Our employees shall form an integral part of activities. We shall obligate all our employees to play an active role in protecting the environment and saving energy.